Monday, August 01, 2005

Ahhh, Django...

I've been testing out Django this past week, mostly finished the the first two tutorials. There's a lot to become familiar with, but I'm amazed at how powerful the framework is. Though I haven't done much with Rails other than research it, I'm glad that the community is shaping up to allow for exchange of ideas and friendly competition.

This is also a good thing for Python, as I think there were a decent number of Pythoners wishing to do some web application work in Python but ended up using Java (*shudder*) or Rails. Not to discount the work that many put in on templating engines and basic frameworks for Python, but it's nice to use one framework that's a complete package. is coming along, I've just been sidetracked of late, getting into AI solutions for information retrieval.

Probabilistic latent semantic analysis is the topic of the day.


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