Thursday, March 30, 2006

Return of the White Spots

Having purchased my first Mac two years ago, I was enticed by processor speed improvements to become a member of Apple's public beta program by purchasing one of the first MacBook Pros.

There have been various posts about MacBook Pro noise problems. My machine has exhibited this problem, but I've worked around it by fiddling with the lid. Annoying and occasionally headache inducing, but at least I can pretend all is well if I play loud music.

Or so I thought... My last Mac, a Powerbook (Al), was unlucky enough to be afflicted with the notorious white spots. This morning I noticed a little spot on my screen - "no big deal, just some dirt or something," I thought. Nope, it is a little tiny white spot. It's located on the right hand side, about 0.75 inches from the end and a little under halfway up the screen.

Oh Apple, why do you raise our expectations only to disappoint?